Stay safe in your swimming pool this summer
Stay safe in your swimming pool this summer
Stay safe in your swimming pool this summer



With Thermoplastic Coated Stainless Steel tube you will not find a stronger / more corrosion resistant handrail on the market.

No need to earth the rails as required by government legislation saving hundreds of dollars at installation.

This coating has been developed to enhance long term corrosion protection, are non conductive and have high impact strength and excellent exterior weathering. No blinding glare on sunny days as with mirror finish stainless.

Extensive Plascoat lab tests & real world use indicate working life of over 70 years.

The rails have exceptional resistance against salt spray, humidity and most common chemicals, acids and alkalis. High slip resistance and cooler to touch in hot sun are other great features.

Available colours are black and white.

Visit South East Superior Coatings website for more info about Thermoplastic Coatings.

Tube is 38.1mm x 1.6mm stainless steel and all plates and covers are coated stainless steel.


These rails have the classic Stainless Steel look, brushed polish finish.

Tube is marine grade 316 stainless steel 38.1mm x 1.6mm.

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