Stay safe in your swimming pool this summer
Stay safe in your swimming pool this summer


                                              Stay safe in your swimming pool this summer with a reliable Grade 316 Stainless Steel Swimming Pool Hand Rail. At Hand Rails Australia we specialise in handrail design and construction specifically created to enhance pool entry and exit safety. Available in a variety of standard and custom designs, our handrails will keep you and your family safe and secure in and out of the water.

All Rails are built using Grade 316 Stainless Steel 38mm & 50mm tube, Heavy duty 1.6mm wall thickness (not 1.2mm as this is getting to light). Bolt down plates are grade 316 stainless steel as are the hole covers in the "core drill fit" range of rails.

Please check your local council requirerments before fitting.


After fitting the rail it should be cleaned with a good stainless steel cleaner to remove any contamination and give it a protective coating. Stainless steel is stainLESS not stain free.

If tea staining does occur clean off with a good quality stainless cleaner like Action Gel which you can get from most paint shops.

Stainless steel around pools need to be regularly washed down with fresh water to avoid tea staining and eventual pitting from chlorine, salt etc. Auto polish and wax are good for providing a coating barrier against the pool water.

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