DIY Installation

Core Fit Installation

Core drilling sounds hard but is not. Its a very easy and neat way to install your Hand Rail. They can be hired from most good Hire shops and you will only need it for an hour max.

Alternatively you can hire a "Concrete Cutting Contractor" that will usually core drill as well as cut concrete.

Cementing in is easy and with modern expanding anchoring cements its very strong and neat.

Work out best position for rail for entering and exiting pool.
Mark holes, ensure holes will go into bond beam of pool.
Core drill 2 x 50mm holes,Up to 150mm deep (minimum 100mm) and 200mm apart centres (or to suit rail). Fill each hole 2/3 full with "Timbermate Concremate" from Bunnings, Maxgrip, Epirez or similar expanding anchoring cement (see your hardware specialist for this).
Fully insert rail posts and make sure properly aligned and plumb, be quick as cement sets quick.
Insert small wedges around top of opening to secure in place. Once cement has hardened (20mins) remove wedges and finish filling holes, lower hole covers and allow cement to cure for recommended time.

Note : Be prepared with all tools, positioning etc before starting cementing. Earthing of rails may be required in some installations.               

Please check for local council requirements if any.


Bolt Down Installation.

This is a guide as many people have different ways of anchoring with Flanges.
Vids show different ways.
Mark out location for rail ensuring bolt holes anchor into pool bond beam.
Drill holes with 10mm bit masonry hammer drill to a suitable depth depending on pool coping (at least 70mm).
Insert bolts and tighten, re tighten after a few days.
Ensure you use Stainless Steel anchoring bolts. Earthing of rails may be required in some installations. Please check for local council requirements if any.

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